• Recording date: 1964-06
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Xalbador-Mattin
  • Researcher: Jose Maria Satrustegi
  • Main theme: (The first part is in Spanish). Jokes. Doing an impression of two teachers. Second part: conversation between Xalbador and Mattin.
  • Permission to query: Free
  • Permission to publish: Limited
  • Sound quality: Bad
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A06 00:17:48
A05 00:14:50
A03 00:13:45
A colleague went to the African jungle to do some hunting. He told them about lion hunting. He shot it but he didnĺt kill it and the lion began to chase them and the two ran and he noticed a blow to his back but the lion slipped. This happened three times until he was able to hide. And they asked him if he wasnĺt shitting with the fright. And he answered: And why do you think the lion slipped up?
A02 00:11:00
When Luis Goiburu was parish priest in Olague he wanted to go to Pamplona one day and he stopped a car. They introduced each other and went on to Pamplona. Another day he stopped a car again and it turned out to be the same driver as the previous time. The confusion he had with the name.
A01 00:00:00
They play the role of teachers from the Seminary. (They critizise education with sarcasm and humor). They act as Don Luis Goiburu and the rector Pedro. They make references about Father Calveras.
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