• Recording date: 1965
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Lukas Zufiaurre. Juan Kruz Arrosagarai. Maritxu Galarza. Juanita Larrea.
  • Researcher: Jose Maria Satrustegi
  • Main theme: Saint Juan´s song. Luzia Zufiaurre (original). Pedroangel´s song (Lukas Zufiaurre). Song of Bakaiku (Lukas Zufiaurre). Urgoiena of Etxarri. Valcarlos. Juan Kruz Arrosagarai. Bordel´s grandchild´s song. (He lives in California). Urdiain. Maritxu Galarza tells some stories.
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  • Permission to publish: Limited
  • Sound quality: Normal
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A song on the passion of Christ. All the young people would go to the Santo Cristo to learn these songs. They would sing them on Good Friday in church. There were some books with those songs in them. They were singing those songs on the death of her mother. Her father was so upset by it that he himself died and they were buried on the same day.
A05 00:16:35
On Holy Saturday a fire was lit at the door of the church. They would go home and light the “new fire”. They would take holy water home in a bottle. When her mother died her father took the bottle of holy water to the cementary and left it there as an offering to her mother.The whole house was blessed with that holy water.Three different types of herbs were picked and when the bells began to ring, they were put under the mattress so as to be kept free of witches during the whole year.With the arrival of San Miguel the women used to go out and bless the fields.When the bells of Santa Agueda were rung, they would go to Santa Bárbara. There they would light a fire.On the night of San Juan they would also light a fire. They would go to the healthy well and make chocolate.Saint Peter and Saint John were the happy saints.
A04 00:14:20
Introduction of Juanita Larrea.(15.00") Xmas song(16.00") Another Xmas song.
A03 00:09:30
(10.35") Singing that song they went to Loiola by train and then walking the rest. Anecdote about the time there was a fire. The fire started when they were sleeping in a haystack.
A02 00:02:20
The story of the Virgen. On the 2nd of July the Virgen is taken to the church in Alsasua to say mass for her. What they used to do on the day that the Virgen went. Anecdote about that day. It fell.Other stories about the Virgen.
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The song of St. John.
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