• Recording date: 1977-10-20
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Juan Cruz Arrosagaray. María Ángela. Pedro Arretxe Bartzelona.
  • Researcher: Jose Maria Satrustegi
  • Permission to query: Free
  • Permission to publish: Limited
  • Sound quality: Bad
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A04 00:13:05
His life as a shepherd in America.
A03 00:11:05
He is sixteen years old and he has learnt Basque. He plays the accordion and he knows the dances from Valcarlos. He has an award which he won in Valcarlos.
A02 00:04:30
In December 1963 two nephews of his and the wife of one of them lost their lives. On coming back from the wedding of one of the nephews, a lorry went through a stop sign and of the three in the car only the girl was saved when they went under the lorry as she was lying down. In the car behind the newly-married couple were traveling with another couple and they crashed into the lorry so that the recently-married nephew also died. The girl was looked after by Juan Cruz and his wife took responsibility for the girl who had survived the accident.
A01 00:00:00
A story of the winter of 1952. The shepherd, Intxauspe, was killed and they did not find the killers. The people believed that it had been his master because it was thought that he had something going with the master’s wife.Someone knew that one of his shepherds was carrying money in his pockets and robbed him, but they did nothing to him.The investigators tried to connect it with the first crime, and thus cover up that killer. In the end the crimes were not solved.
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