• Record: SC-007a
  • Piece: A04
  • Time: 00:16:12 - 00:31:10
  • Themes: America , jobs: , animals:
  • Summary: He began to work with sheep in 1930. Those were bad years, the worst in 1934. They went to another part of the country; they did eight hundred kilometers by train and on foot. The Government made them get rid of a certain percentage of sheep, because there were too many. The land they went through was mostly desert and mountain. They went with the sheep and they needed permission to get through certain places. The achieved their goal because they know how to measure the consignment they had. Others had to go back after halfway and they lost what they had. Crossing the Nevada sierra they went to Fresno and they worked vineyards to feed the sheep. They had many bad years. The most arid land was for the livestock and if it didnĺt rain there was no food. These last few years they have brought water in trucks to where the sheep were. The shepherd has a lot of enemies in America. Before, they could control the coyotes because they were allowed put down poison and traps. But now they are not allowed and the number is increasing. A friend of his who went to Idaho had to get rid of his sheep as he could do nothing against the coyotes. They attack the lambs above all. There are many associations in favor of the coyotes because they say that the sheep will never disappear but the coyote could. An Anecdote.The coyotes are everywhere and they also go into the towns. They have been seen on the streets of Los Angeles. There are many people who would deserve to be forced to eat coyote meat instead of lamb.