• Recording date: 1982-03-03
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Fr. Antonio Lasa. 78 urte ditu eta Ataunen jaioa da Antonio Lasa. Zazpi urte zituela Oiartzunera joan eta bertan bizi izan zen gero.
  • Researcher: Jose Maria Satrustegi
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  • Permission to publish: Limited
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Guip˙zcoa (high navarrese-central)
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the speaker entered the convent in 1955, at fifty years of age. When he was young he worked in a cow farm until he was fifteen. He used to take twelve liters of milk every day to the Minister Romanones, because in the summer he used to live in the palace of Oiartzun.At fifteen he began to work in the paper mill. Later he did the military service in Africa and then the war began. Before the Spanish war he worked in the paper-mill. The war began when he was working and they sent him home. He joined up with the Basque speakers so that when they entered the town they made their escape. How and where they went. He arrived to Fuenterrabia, and there they put him in jail. A friend knew someone or other and he was released. They went to Irun and there they raised the ikurri˝a (Basque flag) on the door of the monastery of the monks and stayed there. Some anecdotes.When the troops arrived in Fuenterrabia they saw Irun was burning and making an effort to cross to the other side they went to Hendiya. This time, they went to the house of those who had escaped in the previous war and they were treated as if in their own home. They were there for three months. Anecdote about the time he went to Lourdes.When he returned in the boat he arrived in Bilbao and he stayed in the house of a friend.Then he enlisted and he was at the front in Lekeitio.
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