• Record: SK-001b
  • Piece: A02
  • Time: 00:04:00 - 00:07:20
  • Themes: lifestyle , school
  • Summary: He was born in Luhuson of Basque-speaking parents. His father was born in Baigorri and his mother in Uztaritze. He learnt Basque as a child. He was not brought up by his parents as his mother was ill and the doctor did not want the kid to be with her. He was sent to Baigorri and there he was brought up in a family. Later he was with his grandparents in Uztaritze. He went to school there. His grandparents never spoke in French. His parents died when he was seven and he went to live with an uncle. The uncle got married to a woman from Bearn and he went to live there and they only spoke in Bearnes in the house so that he forgot his Basque language. Later he went to the seminary and there no Basque was spoken at all.