Jose Maria Satrustegi´s recording collection. The recordings are divided in the following collections;
With code S belong to an original source of magnetic oil. With code SA belong to "Arbizu" collection.
With code SC belong to "California" collection.
With code SD belong to "Denetarik" collection.
With code SG belong to "Gipuzkoa" collection.
With code SH belong to "Uharte-Arakil" collection.
With code SK belong to "Kultur-gaiak" collection.
With code SM belong to "Mezkiritz" collection.
With code SN belong to "Nafarroa" collection.
With code SR belong to "Arruazu" collection.
With code SS belong to "Sakana" collection.
With code SU belong to "Urdiain" collection.
With code SZ belong to "Lukas Zufiaurre".
Record Towns Dialects Maps Main theme Title Informant
SM-001a CUBA: situation, environment. Education- To get money. Family. Drinks and foods. Mulatto women. Jose Mª Lombide
SM-001b Christmas. Christmas trunk. Kings: letters. Saint John: fractional. Sorcières : Bean pod of seven grains. To wet the daughter. Witches, lamias (mythological characters). Perpetua Saragüeta
SM-002 Belief. Cures-witches. Cures, diseases. Bozate (Arizkun). The bread of three churchs. Bells. Atarrabia. Tales. Perpetua Saragüeta
SM-003 Wax figure. Pins. Traditional medicine.The cowherd. The errant Jewish. Cain. Seven dogs. Exorcisms. Festivity of the kid. Help of the village. Dreams. Belief (child). Hunger. Wanting to bewitch. Perpetua Saragüeta. Garbiñe Urtasun.
SM-004 The village. Basque writer. The profession. In Irurita. The verse singer husband. Girl school. The grandfather. Several jobs. The accident. Cowherd job. The witch. The daughter´s disease. Perpetua Saragüeta
SM-005a Traditional medicine. Zugarramurdi (Navarre). Prayers so that children sleep.. Antton and Maria. Gemma singing. San Juan, the oak. Perpetua Saragüeta. Gemma Urtasun.
SM-005b News of Trinidad Urtasun. Events of Arizkun. Car accident. Punished. The trips. Perpetua Saragüeta. Trinidad Urtasun.
SM-006a Job during his youth. They were frowned upon in the village. Things of the town. Fermin Echeverria. Perpetua Saragüeta.
SM-006b From the house Apesui. The two daughters are Basque speakers. Learning Basque language. Herbs. wheat harvest. Spoon manufacturer. Works in the mountain .Cola manufacture. Ancient way of life. Hermenegilda Villanueva. Marcos Saragüeta.
SM-007a Spoon manufacturer. Works in the mountain. Coal manufacture. Ancient way of life. Marcos Saragüeta.
SM-007b Agriculture. Martín Errea
SM-008a Amazing events at home. Family memories. The mother´s fast. Basque first names. Lazaro: at war. In the jail. After the death. Perpetua Saragüeta.
SM-008b Clairvoyance. Copper mine. Telepathy. Thieves. Deads. Perpetua Saragüeta.
SM-009 Coming back from North America. News at home. By train (alone). By boat; songs: new songs of Gipuzkoa. Yo nazco Izpurutarra (I was born in Izpuru). Shepherd life in America. Prudencio Esnoz Errea.
SM-010a Life, the job. News of Abaurrea Baja. Witch stories. Antonio Castellot. Rosa Erro Redín. José Arraiz Zubiri. Estefania Laurenz.
SM-010b Witch things, misfortunes. Dead animals. Funeral rites. Estefanía Laurenz.
SM-011 The father plays the drum. He cured bones. Christmas. Christmas trunk. Saint John´s night. To go to the mountain to pick dew up. Joakina Irulegi
SM-012a News of Abaurrea Baja. Witches. Estefanía Laurenz.
SM-012b Customs of Abaurrea Baja. The fire. Farak. The wash. The flax. Estefanía Laurenz.