• Record: SM-001b
  • Piece: A08
  • Time: 00:24:45 - 00:29:57
  • Themes: anecdote , witchcraft
  • Summary: The witches also cast an evil eye on the new-born babies. Her mother had told her that three children died in this way. One time, on the road between Irurita and Arraioz three pigs suddenly appeared. At the place where the bridge crosses the river they disappeared. It began when the baby was two months old. She would change and water woud fall on the baby girl despite the fact that the sky was clear. That happened quite often. When she threw holy water on her making the sign of the cross it did not happen. In the end the child would suffer spasms from Tuesday to Wednesday and from Friday to Saturday. On the other days nothing would happen. Once the priest from Mezkiritz examined the child and noticing something strange, he mentioned it to the priest from Irurita. That priest said the child would have to be given the catechism and that was done. The child never got wet after that. When she was pregnant with that same child she would go to mass and, without wanting to do it, she would go against the priest. Once, in confession with the priest, she told him she could not bear to see him there. And he told her that the child that she was carrying would give a lot of work to the devil.