• Recording date: 1979-07-04
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Fermin Echeverria. Perpetua Saragüeta.
  • Researcher: Jose Maria Satrustegi
  • Main theme: Job during his youth. They were frowned upon in the village. Things of the town.
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He has crossed over to Iparralde many times, smuggling. Normally they never knew what they were carrying, usually they were packets of twenty five kilos in weight. They were paid about ten pesetas per night. They would pick up the stuff in Aldude and bring it to Mezkiritz. It would take three or four hours as they did not follow the road.
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Perpetua’s father and her brother and Fermín himself and his father all used to work with wood in the mountain. He was working as a woodcutter until he was thirty two years old. The wood was mostly used for making coal. They were paid by meters and they used to send it to Pamplona.
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Basque speakers from Mezkiritz and Irurita.Fermin gives his name and age.
A09 00:25:00
A child became ill and no doctor could discover what the ailment was. They told the mother to go to Pau, as there was a very good doctor there. That doctor said that he could not cure the child and that only the person who had caused the ailment could make the cure. But they did not know who that person was. In order to find out, he told them that they must go to mass on the day that most people would be there and to throw a bean with seven seeds into the holy water font. That person would start to do a lot of things and would not leave the church until three things were done three times over. That is what they did and a woman did as the doctor had said. On leaving the church that woman asked the mother about the child and told her that he would get better. Little by little the boy recovered again. But after one year the witch felt like doing the same again and that is what she did. This time the doctor said that the woman should be hung. The mother threw a rope around her and when she had her under control she told the woman to cure her child or she would be hanged right there and then. She acquiesced. But the witch told the priest what had happened and the priest made the mother ask forgiveness from the witch. The poor woman thought she had done the worst thing to save her child. He was very bad and the mother decided to tell the priest. The priest told her not to worry as the witch was with the devil and the mother said that she was not as she was still alive. And that was true, but that same afternoon, on the day of San Sebastián, the witch died. The son of that witch, when he saw that his mother was very ill, went to the church in search of a priest. And there were six there but none of them paid any heed to him.
A08 00:20:40
Fermin’s house was the Martín Lorenzo one. But it fell down. Before that happened his mother and his sister had died. His mother used to work washing clothes for others.His father was a good hard worker and he always worked with Perpetua’s father. In the end he lost his head.Fermin has just the one girl.About life after marriage.
A07 00:19:00
They used to hunt wild boar, mountain goats, foxes, hares and woodcock. The best spot for the passing birds is in Sorogain but they always went to the woods. About seven men would normally go to hunt the wild boar and they did not use dogs. Now there are more wild boar than in the old days. The reason for this: in the old days the woods were much cleaner because they cut down trees and then there were more wild goats that would clean up a lot.
A06 00:14:30
Fermin and Perpetua’s brother at eight years of age would go to the hills with their parents, each one with his saw, and they were there from four in the morning until nightfall cutting wood. What they most cut down was the beech tree.
A05 00:12:48
Fermin had very little schooling. The schoolmaster gave a kid a blow with his ruler and the kid died. He thumped him in the back and knocked his heart out of place.The same schoolmaster hit another kid and that one too was left with an illness. The schoolmaster was from Aezkoa and he did not know how to write.Later, Mr. Miguel, the parish priest, became the schoolmaster.Those two were not against Basque. The next one, Martínez, used to punish them for speaking in Basque.
A04 00:06:30
Fermin has not spoken Basque for forty years. However, Perpetua has always spoken to her husband in Basque.
A03 00:04:40
Mezkiritz has changed. They were born there but they were taken for outsiders. He thinks that was out of envy. The problem of the water.Perpetua thinks the same. She has never been given wood.People from the village look at them out of the corner of one´s eye. A woman form the village told her that she was taken by crazy, she was a very bad writer and why she wrote.
A02 00:02:00
He crossed into Iparralde many times at the smuggling. Normally they did not know what they were carrying. There used to be parcels of about twenty-five kilos. He was paid about 10 pesetas per night. They picked it up in Aldudesy and brought it to Mezkiritz. It took three or four hours as they did not use the roads.
A01 00:00:00
The father and the brother of Perpetua and the selfsame Fermin and his father used to work with wood. He worked with wood until he was thirty-two years old. The wood was normally used for making coal. They were paid by length and they sent it to Pamplona.
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