• Record: SM-006a
  • Piece: A09
  • Time: 00:25:00 - 00:31:15
  • Themes: miscellaneous
  • Summary: A child became ill and no doctor could discover what the ailment was. They told the mother to go to Pau, as there was a very good doctor there. That doctor said that he could not cure the child and that only the person who had caused the ailment could make the cure. But they did not know who that person was. In order to find out, he told them that they must go to mass on the day that most people would be there and to throw a bean with seven seeds into the holy water font. That person would start to do a lot of things and would not leave the church until three things were done three times over. That is what they did and a woman did as the doctor had said. On leaving the church that woman asked the mother about the child and told her that he would get better. Little by little the boy recovered again. But after one year the witch felt like doing the same again and that is what she did. This time the doctor said that the woman should be hung. The mother threw a rope around her and when she had her under control she told the woman to cure her child or she would be hanged right there and then. She acquiesced. But the witch told the priest what had happened and the priest made the mother ask forgiveness from the witch. The poor woman thought she had done the worst thing to save her child. He was very bad and the mother decided to tell the priest. The priest told her not to worry as the witch was with the devil and the mother said that she was not as she was still alive. And that was true, but that same afternoon, on the day of San Sebastißn, the witch died. The son of that witch, when he saw that his mother was very ill, went to the church in search of a priest. And there were six there but none of them paid any heed to him.