• Recording date: 1979-07-05
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Martín Errea
  • Researcher: Jose Maria Satrustegi
  • Main theme: Agriculture.
  • Permission to query: Free
  • Permission to publish: Limited
  • Sound quality: Normal
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A child became ill and there was no doctor who could cure it. The mother was told to take the child to Pau, as there was a very good doctor there. When that doctor examined the child he told the mother that he could not cure it, and that only the person who had given him the illness could cure him. But the parents did not know who that person might be. Then the doctor told the parents to go home and to find out which mass received the largest congregation. And when they knew this they must throw a pea–pod of seven peas into the holy water. The person who had given the child the illness would then start to work very hard and would not leave the church until the person did three things three times. That is what they did and a certain women reacted as the doctor had predicted. On leaving the church that woman asked the mother about the child and when she replied that the child was very ill the woman said she would cure him. Little by little the child got better. But after one year it occurred to her that she had to do the same thing and that is what she did. The same doctor told her to go and do it again. But this time to get a hanging rope and hang the other woman. That is what the woman did and when she had her with her neck in the noose, she told her to cure her child or she would hang her there and then. She was frightened and she said she would. But she went and told the priest. And he made the mother of the child go and excuse herself to the woman. The mother got the cholera and she was very bad. It seemed to her she had committed a sin in trying to cure her child. In the end the mother told the priest and the priest said that the other woman was in hell. And the mother replied that she wasn’t dead but very much alive. And that was true, but that same afternoon she died, on the day of St. Sebastian. There were seven priests in the church and the son of that woman asked for one as his mother was dying and nobody went to her.
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