• Recording date: 1979-07-06
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Estefanía Laurenz.
  • Researcher: Jose Maria Satrustegi
  • Main theme: News of Abaurrea Baja. Witches.
  • Permission to query: Free
  • Permission to publish: Limited
  • Sound quality: Normal
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Abaurrepea/Abaurrea Baja
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A04 00:27:54
(This fragment is related to the first fragment of the recording SM- 012b).Some gypsies robbed some potatoes from a potato field in order to eat. As they were not enough, they went to another field for more, but this second batch did not cook. They began to hear some whining coming from the village. When they reached the village a gyspy woman went to the house where they suspected that the whining came from and said to the woman of the house: “What have you got to be shouting about...?”
A01 00:00:00
He learnt Basque from his mother and his grandmother. His father was from Garaioa and he always spoke to them in Spanish. He is not sure that he can follow a conversation in Basque. They are carpenters. They lived for several years in Aoiz and then they went to Erro. When he was young all the kids spoke Basque in Abaurrea Baja.The Basque spoken in Aezkoa is clear, in Jaurrieta, on the other hand, it is different. They speak in "xuketa". Nowadays it is not like it used to be. The language has been lost there too.
A02 00:08:15
In Abaurrea Baja the potato, wheat, barley and a lot of hay are cultivated. There are a lot of cows but they do not sell milk but rather they breed calves. Few people live in the village. Whole families have moved to Pamplona to live and there are no young girls because they do not want to stay in the village.
A03 00:14:10
(Speaking in Spanish) When his grandfather became ill, they used a cure which had to be left for forty nights at the window light. Each night the medicine would burn at the window. When his grandfather died the oxen from the house ran away up the mountain taking two lightbulbs. They could not find the oxen for three days. A girl, who suffered turns it seems since the time that she refused some eggs to a woman who had begged for them, told them where the oxen were. That same girl said that she had seen a widow woman from Ochagavía, who had married for the second time time to a man from Abaurrea Baja, do a dance over the dead body along with some other women. One night that it had snowed the oxen managed to escape a second time when they were out drinking water and they got lost. The same girl as before told them where they were. Some lads from the villages went to play and when they stopped to have a rest, the same girl from the village was capable of hearing the conversation. One of the sons of the woman from Ochagavía entered the seminary but he had to leave it later on. Another son, when he was parading around with his mates in fiestas, stopped at one house and broke the nob of the knocker so as not to do any badness to the family. Neither the grandmother nor the speaker believe in witchcraft but all that really happened. When the speaker was in her cot he used to cry non-stop. The priest from Garaioa told them that she should be read the gospels. They were read to her as she slept and she never used to cry after that.
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