Jose Maria Satrustegi´s recording collection. The recordings are divided in the following collections;
With code S belong to an original source of magnetic oil. With code SA belong to "Arbizu" collection.
With code SC belong to "California" collection.
With code SD belong to "Denetarik" collection.
With code SG belong to "Gipuzkoa" collection.
With code SH belong to "Uharte-Arakil" collection.
With code SK belong to "Kultur-gaiak" collection.
With code SM belong to "Mezkiritz" collection.
With code SN belong to "Nafarroa" collection.
With code SR belong to "Arruazu" collection.
With code SS belong to "Sakana" collection.
With code SU belong to "Urdiain" collection.
With code SZ belong to "Lukas Zufiaurre".
Record Towns Dialects Maps Main theme Title Informant
SR-001a Ethnology. Joint ownership. The death of the robin. Pedro Migel Satrustegi
SR-001b The school of the village. Beeating the teacher. Pedro Migel Satrustegi
SR-002a Pedro Miguel Satrustegi: The father mayor. Pedro Maria Satrustegi.
SR-002b Soldier in Baztan. Fever, ambulance. Bitter mass. P. Antonio Ochagavía.
SR-002c Youth events. P.Antonio Ochagavía.
SR-002d Anecdote about the guards. About the ram. Shepherd life. José María Gamboa.
SR-003 News of the Aralar mountain range. Toponyms. Full moon reunion. Pelota game. Chasms. Tops. Trees. Cabins of Arregi. Uneko putzua. Menhir. José María Gamboa.
SR-006a Caves of Aralar. Place of gold. Luis Satrustegi.
SR-006b News of Aralar. Proverbs. Cloths in the hole in the tree. José María Gamboa.
SR-006c José María Gamboa: Stoned Cross of Atazar. Toponyms. Meanings. José María Uztárroz. Agiri: the flax. Scape to France. The dead muleteer who transported gold. The laughing stock of Lakuntza. Anuntxi Betelu: names of houses of Arruazu. José María Gamboa. José María Uztárroz. Anuntxi Betelu.
SR-007a Boni Gamboa: The witch of Juanaanea. Luis Satrustegi: Customs of the animals of the farm. Martín Garciandía. The Cross of Atazar. Accident. Those ones of Bertxera. Luis Satrustegi: Aperos agrícolas. Agriculture tools. Boni Gamboa. Luis Satrustegi. Martín Garciandía.
SR-007b Milking machine 1965, 1985. Water in the cow´s snout. Mechanical harvesters of grass. Grass tansport, baling machine. Agriculture tools: the new ones of Kaxonekoa. Small cauldrons to boil animals´ food. Luis Satrustegi.
SR-008a Old Arruazu. Balerdi witch? She was seen in two places. Death alone. Room´s floor fell down. Attack to Tiburcio. The wizard of Tolosa. About confession. In the cave of Puterri. Maria Urretabizkaia Balerdi
SR-008b Verses. María Ángeles Gamboa. Camino Gamboa.
SR-008c Balerdi sisters´ life. Together before their death. Bitoria realized. Good preacher. Betelu family. News. Kaisone´s family. The head handkerchiefs are missing. Anuntxi Betelu.
SR-009 Youth in Martxonea. Basque language prize (12 years old). She grew up in Tolosa (14 years). In the agriculture at war period. Wood transport, sparses. Accident while cutting the grass. Wedding and housewife in Sotilenea. Learning cooking. Seven men at lunch.Another eleven in the attic. Tries to work in the fields. I have work a lot in my life. Fernanda Gamboa.
SR-010 Several jobs. Several job house. Hens, ducks, pigs. Mushrooms. Bags of sugar of Pamplona. Truck wheels of Bilbao. Customs officer´s ticket. Taller Autovolt. Stories about contraband. In the sanctuaries. Fodder seller. Thieves go home. Friends. A lot of surgical operations. Fernanda Ganboa.
SR-011a The father with the stepmother. Aunt Benita´s boyfriend. The mother always at home: foreign, without any money, eating little. With the young housewife. Fernanda Gamboa.
SR-011b The mother´s sad death. Maria, good sister. Teaching the doctrine. Nun, she dies in France. Young pregnant woman of Villanueva of Arakil: Escolástica´s mother. The return from the Sahara. Natacha. Fernanda Gamboa.
SR-012a The mother killed me (tale). Pazita Galarza.
SR-012b Events in Lakuntza. Juantximon, Kale, Zozo. Arruazu: drunk. Contraband. Martín Garciandía.
SR-012c Events of Uharte-Arakil: The priest.Confessions. The hunter. Elections. Events at war time. Deaths. Martín Garciandía.
SR-013a Verbal system in Arruazu. Pedro Antonio Ochagavía.
SR-013b Childhood. Maria Karmen Satrustegi.
SR-013c Life in the country house. Youth. Maria Karmen Satrustegi.
SR-014a Small festivities: Santa Águeda. ´Lopeto´ in carnivals. At war. Events of people of Lakuntza: angers. Martín Garciandía.
SR-014b Events of Etxarri-Arantz. Proverb of Lakuntza. News of the family: three nuns and one friar. Events of war time. Martín Garciandía.
SR-015a Santiago Berástegui. Martín Garciandía.