Jose Maria Satrustegi´s recording collection. The recordings are divided in the following collections;
With code S belong to an original source of magnetic oil. With code SA belong to "Arbizu" collection.
With code SC belong to "California" collection.
With code SD belong to "Denetarik" collection.
With code SG belong to "Gipuzkoa" collection.
With code SH belong to "Uharte-Arakil" collection.
With code SK belong to "Kultur-gaiak" collection.
With code SM belong to "Mezkiritz" collection.
With code SN belong to "Nafarroa" collection.
With code SR belong to "Arruazu" collection.
With code SS belong to "Sakana" collection.
With code SU belong to "Urdiain" collection.
With code SZ belong to "Lukas Zufiaurre".
Record Towns Dialects Maps Main theme Title Informant
SS-001a Carpenter. Two years at school. Pillars and houses, pillars with roots. Roots over the flagstones, 15 meter long pillars. Houses with only one room. Joakin Arregi.
SS-001b Republic period. Enemies. Houses over the trees. Wood´s properties. Transport techniques. Specific buildings. People. Joakin Arregi.
SS-002a Old drum and festivities. Juan Bengoechea. Francisca Bengoechea.
SS-002b Musicians and music of Urdiain.
SS-003a Olentzero. Benita Andueza. Francisca Bengoechea. Engracia Galarza. Amalia Aristizábal. Inés Esnaola.
SS-004a Javier Goikoetxea
SS-004b Javier Goikoetxea.
SS-005a In Urbasa mountain range. Cook. Shepherd. Mariano Lizarraga. The death. José Gavirondo.
SS-005b In Bilbao. In San Sebastian. In Estella. In Valcarlos. In Roncesvalles. José Gavirondo.
SS-006a News about his life. Shepherd, building worker. Student in Bilbao. Houses of Iturmendi. Muleteer. Ascent to Santa Marina. José Gavirondo.
SS-006b Toponyms of Urbasa. Chasms. Pools. José Gavirondo.
SS-007a Urbasa mountain range. Toponyms. Monuments. José Gavirondo.
SS-008b Caves of Leziza (gold). Labetto, another hole. José Ignacio Razquin.
SS-009a Wine carriers´ life. Buying in Mañeru. Galleys, wineskins. Shepherd cabin in Andia mountain range. Smoking the cheese. Blessings. Mari throwing fire. Place of wolfs. Francisco Razquin.
SS-009b Casks. Forest works. Francisco Razquin.
SS-011a Shepherd life. Making cheese. Alejandro Satrústegui.
SS-011b News about his youth. Servant in Pamplona. Sunday atmosphere. Petra Ijurco.
SS-011c Agriculture. Events of the village. Petra Ijurco.
SS-012a Sowing wheat. Maize works. Shepherd life, cheeses. Witch stories. Jerónima Goldaracena.
SS-012b Verb. Bread works. Games. Witches. Vocabulary. Magdalena Goldaracena
SS-013a Family. Six brothers. Servant (when he was 10 years old). Javerri (Lónguida). Arruazu, Añorbe, Recajo. Santiago Berastegi.
SS-013b Soldier: San Sebastian. Getaria. Vera de Bidasoa. Espinal. Eugi. Vera de Bidasoa. With trucks in the period of the gazogene. For the trucks of coal. Santiago Berastegi.
SS-014a Truck driver. Snow in the Naranco. The Valencian´s canvas. He breaks his ankle. Prisoner friend. Driver in Teruel. Santiago Berastegi.
SS-014b Truck without starting mechanism. Snow without chins. Looking for the upstairs in the hotel. Christmas in Galicia. Trips to Paris. Santiago Berastegi.
SS-015a Childhood (Poliomelitis). School. Job in Legazpia. Living in Pamplona. Painting. José Agustín Garciandía.
SS-015b Entertainments in Unanu (continuation). Festivities: Epiphany. San Pedro, local festivities. New year. Peeling the maize. Carnivals. José Agustín Garciandía.
SS-016a Woman with no children ask for one child. Beans in a new kitchen. Francisco Aranguren (Etxalekuko apeza).
SS-016b For the first time the stone in the back. Grass of Aralar for the sterile cows. José Manuel Lasarte (Etxarri-Larraungo apeza).
SS-016c New year. P. Miguel Egozcue (Elizondo apeza).
SS-016d People brought some stones. Inocencio Ayerbe.
SS-016e Juanagorri. Petrikillo. Urbasa: picking nettles up. Pregnant. When and how. Houses in the village: Ganbaran oiloak (hens). Ganbaran emaitzak. Ganbaran jendeak (people). Festivities. Urbasa. The Trinidad. Santiago. Ezkiza. Urbasa. Antonia Galarza.
SS-017a Customs of young people of Arbizu. Present customs. Basque Language. Politics. Drugs. Festivities. Clothes. Gema Insausti
SS-017b Belief. Gema Insausti.
SS-018a Conversation. Augusto Francisco Lacunza Urriza.
SS-018b Conversation. Augusto Francisco Lacunza Urriza.
SS-019a José Armendáriz.
SS-019b José Armendáriz.
SS-020a José Armendáriz.
SS-020b José Armendáriz.
SS-021a Customs and life in Alsasua. Martina Arrizabalaga.
SS-021b Customs and life in Alsasua. Martina Arrizabalaga.