• Record: SS-002b
  • Piece: A02
  • Time: 00:07:12 - 00:31:54
  • Themes: anecdote , jobs: musician , religion:
  • Summary: The music and dancing in Urdiain disappeared when the Movement took power.He got married in 1932 and at that time there already was “close dancing”.At the dance the men would be on one side and the women on the other.After the War Germán used to play the chistu in the square, so that even after the War the chistu continued in the square.(12:45”) Pasadoble.(13:22”) The drummers were two boys and two girls of fifteen years of age and they were changed each year.(14:05”) In Santa Agueda two kings or heralds were chosen and then they chose the girls. On the eve of the 6th of January, the cards were thrown to select who would impersonate the Three Wise Men. The drummers would go to the houses where there were boys to ask for things.(15:40”) The accordion-players from the town. How he began to play the accordion. There were also guitar-players in the town. On certain days they would play in the streets. A group from the tobacco shop began to use an organ in Santa Agueda. They also brought the famous accordion-players, Irisas and Jaunsarus.When the War was on all these things began to wane. (26:25”) An anecdote of Santa Agueda. The dinner on the eve of the fiesta: soup, giblets, dessert… The meal on the following day: soup, stew, beef…They also celebrated the little day of Santa Agueda.