Jose Maria Satrustegi´s recording collection. The recordings are divided in the following collections;
With code S belong to an original source of magnetic oil. With code SA belong to "Arbizu" collection.
With code SC belong to "California" collection.
With code SD belong to "Denetarik" collection.
With code SG belong to "Gipuzkoa" collection.
With code SH belong to "Uharte-Arakil" collection.
With code SK belong to "Kultur-gaiak" collection.
With code SM belong to "Mezkiritz" collection.
With code SN belong to "Nafarroa" collection.
With code SR belong to "Arruazu" collection.
With code SS belong to "Sakana" collection.
With code SU belong to "Urdiain" collection.
With code SZ belong to "Lukas Zufiaurre".
Record Towns Dialects Maps Main theme Title Informant
SU-001a Gaueko. The dream. Witches. Antonia Gaslarza. Marilí. Maritxu Galarza. Francisca Bengoechea.
SU-001b Customs of Urdiain, events. People without any children went to Loiola. About Felipe D. Julián, his money. elections. Death of Urbasa. Another famous wedding. The shot. Francisca Bengoechea
SU-002a the dozen of Urdiain. Youth stories. Maribel Zubelzu. Antonia Galarza.
SU-002b Youth games. Karnekak. To Cina. Antomasak. Antonia Galarza
SU-003a Urgoiena. Fox hunting. The four wild boars of the present year. Martin Aguirre.
SU-003b Hunting. Trap to capture the fox. The difficulties of the fox. Javier Goicoechea.
SU-004a Curative prayers. Ines Esnaola. Engracia Galarza.
SU-004b Stingy dances. Boys and girls. Berta Díaz. Amalia Aristizabal.
SU-005 Biographical details. -Events of Urbasa -Anecdotes. -Beliefs. -Witchcraft -Gentiles -Murders. Mariano Lizarraga.
SU-006a Bloodsucker seller. "Kapaxo", autobiographical details. Engracia Galarza.
SU-006b Crafts. Processing. Engracia Galarza. Juan Bengoechea.
SU-007a Toponymy. Sarabe. Ur goiena. The dragon, Lucifer, Eagle, Txulufita, letter to Pamplona. Shepherd of Gipuzkoa. Segundo Galarza. Javier Goikoetxea.
SU-007b The dream. Curative herbs. Haemorrhage. The bigs. The dream. Kauka. Kapaxo. Xehamarrain Famiel. Román Galarza. Javier Goikoetxea. Victorio Aguirre.
SU-008a Clothes, kings, mamuxarro. Women´s work: Thin stick. To cut the Basin of Pamplona. Clothes: skirt. Engrazia Galarza.
SU-008b Clothes: Mamuxarruek. Franziska: -Epiphany clothes. -Carnivals. María: -Extreme poverty in her youth. -To work to Gipuzkoa. Franziska Bengoetxea. María Pinillos.
SU-009 Tales. Juan Soldier. Juan Bengoetxea.
SU-010a Personal list of names (I). Ines Esnaola. Javier Goikoetxea. María Pinillos
SU-010b Personal list of names (I). Celestina Galarza. María Albiztur. Frncisca Bengoetxea. Etxeberrikoa. Maribel Zubelzu.
SU-011a Mattin Mottela: Crispina Ostiza. Maria Galarza. Esnaola. María Albiztur. Xumarra. Country houses: Maria Pinillos. Interviews. Memories. Crispina Ostiza. Maria Galarza. Esnaola. María Albiztur. Xumarra. Maria Pinillos.
SU-011b Maria Pinillos: -biography Cipriano Goikoechea: -country houses Antonia Galarza: -1936, traditional environment in Urdiain Maria Pinillos. Cipriano Goikoechea. Antonia Galarza.
SU-012a Musicians in Bremen. Songs of Valcarlos. M. Sagaseta.
SU-012b Local edicts. Festivities. Sheep to the mountain.
SU-013 Verb. List: Exam of Irízar. Antonia Galarza.
SU-014a Verb. Maritxu Galarza.
SU-014b Traditional medicine. Vocabulary, proverbs. Antonia Galarza.
SU-015 Wedding, invitations, religious celebration, lunch, party. Sexual topics, the girl´s fear, bad consequence. Antonia Galarza.
SU-016 Verb of Urdiain. The washing. Rumours. Work of the bread. Vocabulary. Antonia Galarza.
SU-017 Interview to Maribel Zubelzu and Antonia Galarza. Verb: transitive. Intransitive. Antonia Galarza.
SU-018a Anniversary of the wedding day. Javier Goikoetxea.
SU-018b Vocabulary. Proverbs. Herbs. Curatives. Antonia Galarza.
SU-019 Basque nomenclature. Aquilina Lopez de Goikoetxea. Paula Aguirre. Antonia Galarza. Joaquin Arregui. Delfina Zubiria. Gregoria Ollaquindia. Gaspar Ostiza. Maria Albiztur. Honorata Zubiria. Luisa Celaya. Josefa Galarza de Mendía. Senorina Andueza. Carolina Ostiza. Segunda Esnaola.
SU-020a Edicts of Urdiain. Migel Albiztur.
SU-020b Edicts: -when -who started -before how -kaxketia -robbery of the trunk Antonia Galarza.
SU-021 The house of Urdiain: -attic -rooms -granary -names of the houses -vocabulary -foods and drinks Antonia Galarza.
SU-022a News of Urbasa -Soanburu: houses over the trees -To smoke cheese in the cabin with smoke -Shepherd of Gipuzkoa -Chasms of Urbasa, to throw dog and where it appears. Javier Goicoechea.
SU-022b Houses over the trees. News of Urbasa. Toponymy. Quarry ff flint. Santi Zelaia.
SU-023 Mountain range of Urbasa: toponyms grass of the humid zones tinder Javier Goikoetxea.
SU-024 Funeral bells (sound). Superstitions. Arrantsuketia. Ladybird. Notices (with bells). Proverbs. Funeral lights. Bread of All Saints´ Day. Antuxia. Funerals. Christmas. Saint John. Antonia Galarza
SU-025a The old Ondarra and Urbasa. Artzanbaratza. Toponyms, pools, fountains. Picking nettles up. Lucas Zufiaurre. Graciano Ostiza.
SU-025b Pigsty, shepherd cabins. Coal dealer cabins, sheep farmyard. Iron to boil the whey, stone. Cow sheepfold named "Tximist". Pigsties, shepherd cabins. Iron to boil the milk. Lucifer, from Sarabe to Artzanbaratza throwing fire. Evaristo Irigoyen. Juan Zubiria. Petra Galarza. Javier Goicoechea.
SU-026a Edicts.
SU-026b Edicts.
SU-027a Small tied jewel. Wild rosebush in front of the farmyard. Dancing sun (S.Juan). Two parts in Urdiain. Shepherd clothes. To go home in the festivities of Alsasua. Hangover in the mountain. Fire in the cabin. Friar-hole: three friars disappeared and they did not appear. A virgin in the hole of a beech. Javier Goikoetxea
SU-027b Proverbs. Diseases of the cattle. San antón festivity. Shepherd stories. Good and bad shepherds. Fruits and nettles of Urbasa. Hawthorn against the lightnings. To go home holding the hawthorn in the hand. Only one room at home. Millet and potato under the bed. Antonia Galarza
SU-028 Toponymy of Urbasa. Jose Olloquiegui.
SU-029a Burunda: farmer. Ancient shepherd life. In winter to Bizkaia. Bad places in Beheko Basoa. Toponyms of Urbasa. Shepherd cabins. Farmyards. Covered of fern. Sheep (from the Ribera). 3000 sheep of Cadreita in the flock (Duchess of Cadreita). Jose Olloquegui
SU-029b Sheepdogs. The came from France? From the Ribera? About fox breeds. Wolfs in Urbasa. Good sheep in Gorbea and Ultzama. Bad sheep in the coast of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa. The worst ones in Uharte-Arakil. In the habit of walking in the rocks. Jose Olloquiegui
SU-030a Urbasa/Urpaltsia. Toponymy. Border: walls and oak trees. Hartzain baratza. Angers. Fountains of the Barga. Artaiak. Guillermo. Dovecote. Wild things. Kalabia. Accidents in the pass. Fields of the forest. Urbasa/Urpaltsa. Quagmire. In Urbasa. Javier Goikoetxea
SU-030b To cut chestnut trees. Guillermo´s cabin. Kalabia. Accidents in the pass. Fields in the forests. Flax, millet fields. Javier Goikoetxea.
SU-031 Old ways of Urdiain. Two parts of the village. Mill and light. Verses: "Sinomirrinon etxiek". Axeizulota. To enter and not to leave. Ixipunta: ixuri-punta. Borrosaitak: very old. Sterile cow, hermaphrodite sheep. Goats, caprine male. Malflorita: neither male nor female. Mando belarra. To abort. Animal conduct with a storm. Fire in the shepherd cabin. Eagle eating meat. Trakila, among cows, mares and sheep. Anecdotes of Carlist time: eating sheep at night. Javier Goikoetxea