Xorroxin Irratia


  • Record: X-011a
  • Piece: A04
  • Time: 00:28:00 - 00:38:45
  • Themes: school , work:
  • Summary: They were very little time at school. In winter they would sometimes go but in summer there was a lot of work on the land. Now they can read and write.Agustín: They got up to milk the sheep, they went to cut the hay with a scythe and they were there until lunch time. That was his life until he was called up for military service.Margarita began to work as a serving-girl when she was nine years old as they were tenants and she was there for three years. Then she worked as a maid until she got married at the age of twenty-two. At that time they did not pay like they do today. In three years she was paid nothing. Felipe got his first job at fifteen in the county council. He went in short trousers and they sent him home again to put on long trousers. They paid twelve pesetas per day, and on the Sunbilla canal work he got paid eighteen. Later, working in the hills he got paid about one thousand two hundred pesetas per month. Felipe went to school up to the age of fourteen. He would have liked to have continued at school longer but it was not possible. He started work in the hills at the age of seventeen and there he went through a tough time. Agustín earned a thousand pesetas a month and could save without much effort, as the only free time he had was a Sunday afternoon. One time, Felipe spent a period of two hundred and fifty eight days without coming down from the mountain even once. The only thing they ate was beans. On Sunday afternoons they would have a bit of a meal: cod fish and chips with some tomatoe sauce. They came back down like wild savages.Margarita never suffered misery of that kind.Manuel neither, as there were more resources in the farmhouse. They used to bring bread from Ultzama by donkey.Agustín also only ate beans when he was in the mountain. He spent about eight years working up there. In the mountain and in America it was possible to make money as it was not possible to spend it on anything. They remember the hard life they had as young people but they also remember spending the three winter months comfortably at home.