Xorroxin Irratia


  • Record: X-015b
  • Piece: A01
  • Time: 00:00:00 - 00:08:30
  • Themes: America , jobs:
  • Summary: At the age of nineteen he went to America to work as a shepherd with a lad from Gartzain and another from Arizkun with a contract for three and a half years. They took the train in Bilbao and went to Madrid. They took a plane to New York from Madrid and from there another one to Los Angeles. A Basque-speaking woman met them at the airport and the very next day he started to work alone. In winter the shepherds meet together more often, but in summer he would only see the camp man once a week. In the beginning it was very hard, the lonliness of it all. Later at night he would leave the sheep alone and meet up with other shepherds. He had to learn to do everything: to clean, to cook, to sew…When the contract was up he came home. He started working with the house chores but he had no luck with the livestock and he went off again to America. It was a similar kind of contract but in a different place. This time he knew the work. He has always liked sheep. When he finished the contract his boss arranged his papers so that he now had residency. Then he came back again. After another two years at home he went back again for the third time. And this time he stayed there. Nowadays he has more friends there and here he gets bored.