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A03 00:22:35
The twenty-eight Mayors who are on hunger strike do “water-drinking sessions” so that the people know that they exist.They went to San Sebastian to see the prisoners but they have had some hassle with the local police, the “ertzantza”. First they went to the hospital to see the prisoners admitted there, and afterwards they went to the Martutene prison. There they played the chistu and sang. The prisoners came to their windows to watch. But when they went to the women’s prison, the ertzantza arrived and took away the Mayor of Lezo. They others went to denounce the action and he was released. They have come back and to have a change of scenery they have had their “water-drinking session” in Altsasu.The Mayors will continue their hunger strike until Saturday.
A02 00:03:18
Introduction to the musicians from the music group “Ttak”.Up to now they were a group of amateurs and that is why they did not make any recordings before now. The singer is new and that has also influenced the record they have made, as many of the songs are instrumentals.The name of the record is "Ttak-attak".They feel close to the ska movement. About this movement. Most groups from here do a mixture of styles. It has been said that there is a philosophy of ska, but there does not seem to be any concrete philosophy of life. The record finishes with an old song.They started up about five years ago. They have played a lot around San Sebastian. Not making records makes it difficult to expand. Although lately they have had more concerts it is difficult to agree among themselves about everything when there are nine people involved. After compiling the record they have received more calls and more offers to play in different types of places.The concert which the ska music groups gave with Lauren.
A01 00:00:00
On the day of the Trinity they would head off in procession from the church to the hermitage of San Joaquín. The priest was taken on a mule. On arrival at the hermitage they would be met by the hermitage caretaker and all would go to the church in procession. They would have breakfast and then say mass. A good meal would be made in the same hermitage. Then there would be a dance beside the hermitage. They would finish the day with a rosary and each person would then return to their village. The town hall would also attend and they would go with the priest in procession back to the village. The young people would remain behind and go to the "Bustitz" field with accordiansists from Sunbilla, Goizueta, Zubieta, Santesteban...There they would have a dance and later each one would go back to his village. It was held on the Mendaur height and it is also held there now, but now they go down to eat to the dam.
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