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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
XH-001 B01 miscellaneous Congratulations.(17:40”) Competition.Quiz.
XH-013 B01 song - joke (02:10") Each one introduces themselves.(07:05") Song: "Miru eta Mara".(09:10”) Two calendars are awarded to those who got the answers correct.(29:12") Song: "Ikusten duzu goizean".(31:00") Jokes.(33:28") Poetry.(36:30") Song: "Ama begira ezazu".(38:40”) Medical advice on how to cure wounds.(40:08”) Verses for those who have flu.(42:25”) Children from 1º and 2º class have written a book, with their versions of “PussinBoots” and “The Lead Soldier”.
XH-026 B01 song - joke - tongue twister Congratulatory greetings and song dedications.(11:45") Song "Ama begira ezazu".(14:47") Tonguetwisters.(17:55")Jokes.(24:35") An award of two calendars for the winners of the quiz.