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SK-001a A03 : In Euskaltzaindia they used to speak in Spanish. There was no comparison with the way it is nowadays; today it is much better. Half the people would not come to the meetings. They were a long time without a president and there were many arguments. Today’s disputes are a continuation of those old ones. But now work is getting done. However, it is not so clear if the work is being made the most of. People don’t know what they are doing and it does not interest them. The frontier between Hegoalde and Iparralde seems bigger than ever. And that even when in Hegoalde, the ikastolas, the teachers and the Basque speakers all have an interest in the work of the Euskaltzaindia.
SK-001b A01 Basque language We are in a period of revitalization. The situation in Iparralde.