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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
N-043 A3
II-150b A02 song
II-150b A03
II-150b A01 song
SM-005a A04 song Children’s songs and chants
II-088a A01 Introduction.(02:00”) Above all they played pelota. At the age of fourteen they learnt to play mus. They also had marbles.
XH-013 A01 song: cross the bridge (01:10”) Time for games. "Pase misi, pase misa". (03:40") The song from the game.
N-041a A02 As children they used to play "txirrinka". "Txirrinka" was the name they gave to the game of rolling a round metal frame down a slope without letting it go off the track. They would use to metal bar to control the wheel. His older brothers made him a wooden tricycle. The game of the fox and the hare. Some boys play the part of the fox and try to trap those who play the part of the hare. In Ezkio all the E.G.B. classes were in the same room.
ATBO-001 A06 mill