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SK-010a A01 religion - beliefs They had tombs and they buried the dead with care. They were large tombs and they did not put the bodies under the ground but rather they simply left them under the stones. Those stones were placed like a box and facing towards the East.They were placed in such a way that the head of the deceased pointed towards the East and the feet towards the West. Ornaments of bone and stone were placed on them and vessels and presents placed by their side. Round funeral stones have also been found, representing the light of the dead person. The romans, however, represented the darkness.In front of the access on the East side traces of large bonefires have been found. The bonefire of the first dolmen found in Alava. It would have been obligatory to light a fire to the dead.The stones used were made of limestone. Sometimes they were taken from a large distance. That is why it has been deduced that the dead were of great importance to early man. That work was not made just for food and drink. There had to be another reason. Later all those things have come down to the age of writing in the name of religion. That is why it is believed that they had a religion. But what religion? They adored the sun and used it to align things. Fire, light, gifts. In a tomb in Laguardia, drawings of women were found on stone, but nobody knows why this was done. In the Iron Age bodies were incinerated instead of being buried. Then they put the ashes of the body inside the center of the cromlech. They would also bury bodies inside the house. He himself has seen this custom in Euskal Herria in his time. There is a saying for someone who has not been a good Christian: "Hori hiltzen denean etxeko teilapean ehortzi beharko da" ( when that one dies he will have to be buried under a roof). That idea expresses two points: On the one hand, they put the body under the roof eaves. On the other hand, the children were buried with a tile on top and another below. In Roman times the tile symbolized the house. In Roman times words began to be written more often on stone. Up to then, little had been written and that few in a different alphabet. Traces of this alphabet have been found (in Angelu). That alphabet disappeared with the arrival of the Romans. Names of Gods from Euskal Herria have materialized and the mountains had their own Gods as had the streams and other places. That means that there existed plural Gods. Christianity put all that aside. They were told: “There is one being who moves everything, but it does not exist in those places you think it does”.About the physical universe. Man introduces new cycles in the universe.