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I-095a A06
SA-003 A22 beliefs:
SM-002 A15
SM-002 A21 witchcraft:
IR-014b A01 anecdote They used to live in the Iturburu house and now they live in Mendia. They went to Mendia when Lorenza got married to Emilio Arrese.Her father was a great joker. They tell tales of witches which their father had told them. The witches would gather at the hill of Pettiriberro, which is over there.A woman asked the priest if the witches really existed and if so, what kind of creatures they were and he told her that they were just like her.Another time her father went to help a girl who asked for help because the witches had left her at the bank of the river, but when they arrived at her house he realized it was a joke.
IR-004 A01
IR-004 A05 beliefs: magic
IR-020 A03
SN-002a A15 They had seven children down with measles all at once and they all got over it. Cure chilblains by heating the small shovel used to empty the ashes from the hearth to red hot and run it over your legs. People do not get chilblains nowadays because everybody has got better shoes and clothes. Before, people used to wear clogs without socks in the winter. Remove sleepy-dust from your eyes with camomile. Get rid of worms by wearing a string of peeled garlic around your neck and go to bed. People used to believe this before. They do not do it anymore. Now the doctors give remedies.
II-016a A04 sirens
II-016a A08
II-016a A10