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II-108a A01 Introduction: Xmas.(01:45") When he was younger the Xmases were like they are now. Until they were young person they did not go to midnight mass. In the area there was a house where they had dinner and played until it was time for mass. A woman made chocolate for them. Midnight mass used to be beautiful. (6:15”) They always got some present or other.And although it is necessary to have money to have parties, her best memories are her childhood ones.
II-108a A05 A gang of girls would meet up in the house of the nun and they organized the party there. They would make a sponge cake and eat it with a chocolate drink. Then they would go to midnight mass. They used to sing the songs.They used to put their shoes at the chimney and they would get small presents; things that they would need during the year; clothes and things for the school.On Xmas day they had a meal at home. They would eat rabbit, chicken or lamb. She has good memories of that.
II-108a A07 jobs: Although most of the shepherds were already down by that time of year, some would have had to spend Xmas in the mountains.The Xmases that he did not spend in the mountain hut she would spend with her children while her husband was at the pastures. Two or three times she was also with her husband at the pastures.They have had problems with the snow in December sometimes.
II-091b A02 Xmas Eve: they would put on their clean shoes. They would go to mass where they would sing. Then the girls would go home and get together to make chocolate. The next morning they would rush to see the presents which had been left by the Child JesusWhen someone had not been a good person they got an onion. They would also find chocolates. Before mass they would have dinner and play cards. At mass they would sing, at that time in Latin. On Xmas day they would have lunch at home. They used the good plates. They would eat lamb roasted on the ashes. There was always marzipan and Basque cakeThey would make a nativity with rivers and everything.At school they did not prepare anything.
II-091b A03 Before the midnight mass the young men would go to their houses and play cards. Then they would go walking to church. After mass they would start playing cards again until it was time for bed.They would eat homemade food made by her mother.When they were small they would find chocolate sweets and apples in their shoes, things for school, clothes that they would need during the year, and a toy. They were always happy with what they were given.With the other children they would play at mus.They would sing and he played the accordion when he was young.
II-091b A05 A group of girls would meet in the house of the nun and there they would have their party. They would take from their homes such things as were needed to make a sponge cake and chocolate. Then they would all go together to midnight mass. At mass they would sing some lovely songs.The following morning they would rush to see what was in their clean shoes left at the fireplace. The best present she remembers getting was a donkey and cart.In the school they would put up a Xmas tree and there too they would find presents.On Xmas day they would have a meal; they usually had lamb, rabbit or chicken.
II-091b A07 They would gather with their neighbors and eat roasted chestnuts and play cards until it was time for midnight mass.They use to have some presents: sweets and oranges.They always had roasted chestnuts and drinking chocolate.Midnight mass was wonderful. There were two masses one after the other; the first with singing and the second in silence.Her mother would make crepes and sponge cake for Xmas.Some memories.Before mass the family would get together to play cards. The men would go to the bar.
II-091b A08 On Xmas Eve, before going to midnight mass the young people would get together and have sponge cake and drink chocolate. They loved midnight mass.They had some small gifts, nothing of the extravegance of today.She has good memories.The following day, as well as the presents in their shoes, they would have a good meal.Midnight mass had a special atmosphere.(46:15") Goodbye.
II-031a A04 jobs: - treatments (36:35") Alfonso the shepherd has always spent Xmas with his family. Once he had to spend a winter on the land, but that was the only time.The fairs and the dealing are not like they were in the old days.(45:55”) Farewells.
II-031a A02 jobs: (18:52") Mari Gaetano was a shepherdess in Irupil. How Xmas was spent in the cabin. When the children were small both of them spent Xmas at home. Later her husband would be out in the fields and she would stay with the children. She has only been two or three times with her husband in the fields at Xmas.Bad weather caused problems at times when they were in the cabin. In May, after having gone up with the sheep, they had to come back down again.
II-031a A03 jobs: (25:40") Nicolás the Shepherd: his feelings and attitude to Xmas. If one was not at home, there was always a place in another house. When a shepherd was all alone there was a custom of inviting him to another house, but more at Easter than at Xmas. Nowadays the sheep business is different. The arrival of the car has made a big change.
II-031a A01 jobs: (02.35") Pettain the shepherd would go down to the cabin at the beginning of December. At Xmas they would go to midnight mass on Xmas Eve. It was a two hour walk. They were in the cabin all of December and half of January. What they did there.They would feed the sheep in the morning always and again at night. If it snowed they would also feed them several times during the day.The fields and the hay would be worked in the summer. (11:35") They also had the cows in the same barn.They only went down to the village at Xmas. The food was taken up by family members by donkey. They would go up to the pass before May if the weather was good.
N-001 A04 On Xmas eve they would have dinner early. After dinner there was a dance until it was time for midnight mass. When mass was over they would make chocolate drinkswith their friends. On Xmas morning the boys would parade around the streets of the village and in the afternoon there would be a dance.
N-004 A01 Where his parents are from. He has studied and he works in the teaching profession. In Arantza the custom of the Olentzero did not exist, but the children on the afternoon of the 24th of December would make a Nativity and they would go out to the street and sing some Xmas songs. What they got from the different houses they called on, would go towards a meal. That night the choir from the church would come out to sing in the street. On the sixth of January, day of the Kings, there would be a parade.
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