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D-021 A04
D-022 A01
D-024 A04
D-034 A01
D-068 A14
I-031 B01
I-038 A10
I-038 A12
I-038 A02
I-038 A04
I-038 A06
I-038 A08
I-038 B01
I-038 B11
I-038 B12 village - villages
I-038 B02 beliefs
I-038 B06 candlemas
SA-003 A21
SM-002 A18
I-055 B01 : "Kandelero bero, negua heldu da gero. Kandelero hotz, negua joan da motz". (hot mullein,then the winter comes.Cold mullein, the winter has been short)."Arrats gorri, bihar eguraldi" (Red sunset, tomorrow good weather)."Axerien bodak" edo "Jainkoenpasa" (rainbow).
SD-001b A01 An explanation of the proverb: "gizona saskitik ere, gizon" (a man, although he is inside a basket, still a man). There was a woman once who was stronger than her husband. One time it occurred to her to put her husband in a basket and throw him in the river. When she was carrying the basket there a dog followed her and they woman could not get it to refrain from following her. Finally the husband said "Alekuxe!"! from inside the basket and the dog went away. So then the woman said : "gizona saskitik ere, gizon",and she did not throw him into the river.
SD-001b A02 An explication of the proverb "Mihi saltsa jan ohi du" (he usually eats a sauce of tongue). The boss asked his cook to make him the best possible sauce. And he prepared a sauce from tongue. Another day the boss asked him to make the worst possible sauce. And he prepared a sauce from tongue.Consequently, with the tongue the best possible things can be done and also the very worst things can be done.
IC-001 A13 The researcher reads some proverbs from Salazar but they are not familiar to the speaker.
IC-002c A01 The researcher and the speaker read some proverbs from the Salazar dialect. The speaker does not recognize them.
SN-002a A11 Before the arrival of electric light, they used petrol lamps. In the times of the speakerĺs grandmother, they used resin as fuel for lighting. The iron implements used to carry water.