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IC-005a A05 On Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons they organize meals and play cards in the tavern. Nowadays the young people with their cars go off to the dance halls.When he was young that kind of thing never happened. He has never known the music sessions.When his parents were young they used to bring musicians to the fiestas.
IC-016c A04 On Sundays, except during fiestas, there was nothing. Just some strolls along the road until evening came in.
N-041a A03 He went to Zumarraga in order to finish E.G.B classes. There the boys used to laugh at people from farmhouses. However the farm boys would always win at pelota and at running. They played pelota a lot and the loser would have to pay a fizzy drink for the winner. At fourteen he began to go to the cinema and at sixteen or seventeen he began to go out with his gang of mates.