Basque language: feeling to euskara [3 results]

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IC-006a A11 He does not want to read anything in Basque because he does not understand the half of it. He hasnít heard anything about a unified Basque language. The people from Aria donít want to speak in Basque. Two of his nephews go to a Basque-speaking school in Pamplona, and he does not think it is a good idea because you canít get anywhere with Basque. That is why he does not care if the Basque language is lost. The Basque speakers from Burguete.
N-074 A01 The schoolmaster hit her very hard once for speaking in Basque and sent her home with a bleeding nose. Her grandfather was very angry and forbade the schoolmaster to hit his granddaughter again. Afterwards, she got on very well with other teachers, although they did not know Basque, because she liked school and studying. Although girls were not allowed to go, she went to a night school. The bad memory that she has of her school days is that they punished her for speaking Basque. The priest, who was from Erice, also used to punish them if he heard them speak in Basque. They have also had nice priests.
N-074 A02 Young people nowadays enjoy a pleasant environment as far as Basque is concerned. As soon as they heard the first bell of nightfall, they used to leave whatever they were doing and run home. Games: kuketan, laparriketan, txerribistan, skipping. They used to sing in Castilian when skipping because they did not know any songs in Basque. They did not have any books in Basque. They lived very hard times regarding Basque.