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I-068c A02 The Morphophonology of the article.
I-044c A02 Questionnaire about lexicon and stress. Ear, eye, nose, mouth, tongue, waist, heart, blood, kidney, knee, arm, elbow, hand, finger, nail, blind, deaf, shirt, needle, thread, bird, nest, rat, moon, sun, wind, rain, hail, thunder, lightning, snow, river, earth, path, place, fountain, plant, fig, cherry, pear, apple, plum, walnut, bean, onion, garlic, leek, pepper, cabbage, strawberry, grape, cow, ox, donkey, sheep, cheese, pig, bacon, hen, cock, chicken, egg, dog, cat, village, house, wall, roof, kitchen, table, bed, sheet, fire, smoke, glass, bread, wine, water, meat, food, midday, dinner, widower, son, daughter, man, cousin (male), cousin (female), grandfather, grandmother, white, black, yellow, young, old, good, truth, the other one.
I-044c A06 Questionnaire about the article. It is water, it is good, it is black, it is white, it is the son, it is blood, it is young, it is the food, it is the place, it is the walnut, it is the cousin, it is the chicken, it is the truth, it is the other one, it is in front, it is the daughter, he is a widower, it is the fountain, he is a “bertsolari”, he is a “txistulari”.