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N-008 B01 At work she speaks very little in Basque, because there are not many speakers in Pamplona. However, if anyone does know Basque they try to use it.
N-029 A01 Presentation: How his father came to Elizondo. His father was a great lover of Basque. He did not speak a single word of Castilian to him in his whole life. When he was fourteen years old, he started to work in the clockmaker’s with his father. Nevertheless, the people that have moved into Elizondo from the villages and the great work carried out by the “ikastola” have brought Basque back. Before the war, there was a Basque revival. They started publishing books and newspapers. All that came to an end with the war. The Basque culture disappeared and many years went by. Then they started to publish the Arantzazu calendar and magazine, as well as the odd book. He himself started writing for the magazines Zeruko Argia and Príncipe de Viana. In the 60s, he organised “bertsolari” championships and festivals. He has also written two novels and the Baztango Hiztegia. He writes about Baztan for the Diario de Noticias and Diario de Navarra on a weekly basis. There is more culture nowadays and culture helps Basque grow in strength. If Basque is not spoken, then it will not make headway. It is necessary to speak it. Plots of his two novels. He also writes sometimes in the weekly Bayona Herria. He does not feel like writing any more novels. Nonetheless, he intends to continue writing articles and working in favour of Basque.