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N-044 A01 The killing of the pig. On the eve before the killing, it is necessary to cook rice and fry onions. With those ingredients the black and white sausage is made. The knife is put in to the pig and the blood that flows out is collected in a bucket. They blood is stirred well because if not it thickens too much. Then the rice is added to the blood as well as the onions and some species which he does not want to clarify. The guts are given a good cleaning with hot water, salt and vinegar and then they are stuffed with the mixture. Afterwards they are cooked. When the pig has cooled down those who have taken part in the killing have some lunch. After the lunch they cut up the pig in pieces. The loin, the ham and the ribs are left to dry. With the guts, the sausage is made. Some parts of the pig are sent to the vet to check whether the animal is in good condition.