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I-077a A03 I am from here. That (man) lives away. We have come. The parents have left. The mother made my dinner. Those (men) gave me money (The speaker says that younger people do not know how to distinguish between the feminine and the masculine locutive, and always use the masculine). I gave that (man) bread. This (man) did not say anything to the mother. We told that (man) the truth. These (men) gave the food to the brother. That (woman) brought us cheese. Those (men) brought us cheese. I like bread. That (man) likes wine. Our house has burnt down. Those (men)’s sheep (sing.) died. The father saw me. Those (men) know me. That (woman) brought me apples. He gave me the keys. Those (men) gave me pears. I have bought a house. Those (men) cut the meat. That (man) knows us. Those (men) saw us. I would live happily here. That (man) would be with us. I am well. The door is closed. We are standing. The children are asleep. I am going home. The mother is going out. We are going to the mountains. The children are going to the kitchen. I am walking around here. I am walking well. The dog is walking outside. We are walking around here. I have brought peppers. We have eaten strawberries. Those (men) have taken the goats. I have dropped the keys. That (woman) likes walnuts. Our friends came. Those (men)’s trees have burnt down. I bought wine yesterday. This (woman) brought lunch. We sold the house. Those (men) killed the pig. I did a job for the mother. The sister gave me bread. He gave that (woman) money. We gave the key to the mother. I arrived late. That (man) arrived early. We used to live away. The grandfather came to me. That (man)’s cow died. I know Basque. We know little. Those (men) know a bit. I have kept the key safe. That (woman) has kept the bread safe. We have kept the bread safe. I am bringing the food here. That (man) is bringing the dinner. I brought some things. We sold chickens.