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X-001 A02 Presentation by the speaker.
X-001 A04 The speaker is Mariano Izeta. He was born in the same year as Maurizio Elizalde. From a very young age, he can remember Antonio, the father, with his “txistu” and Maurizio with his drum going from village to village, all over the place. He learnt dances with him, mainly “mutildanzas”.
X-001 A08 The speaker is Martín Garde, the councillor responsible for culture in the Baztan Council. How points of view concerning Maurizio have changed over the years. The importance of Maurizio to culture in Baztan.
X-001 B02 Presentation by the speaker.
X-001 B03 The speaker is Mariano Izeta. There was a “txistulari” in every village in Baztan about forty years ago. People danced close up in Elizondo and apart in the other villages. Twenty years ago, there was an “individual” dance competition (jota and purrusalda) in Elizondo. People mainly came from Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia. Maurizio and Félix were the “txistulari” and drummer for the competitors. They had to play more than sixty pieces. If there was somebody in the square who wanted to dance, then Maurizio did not stop playing.
X-001 B04 When bands started playing in village “fiestas”, everybody catcalled them because they found them boring. Maurizio did not lose heart and carried on playing. Many dances have been maintained thanks to Maurizio.
X-001 B05 Of the importance of Maurizio to today’s “txistularis”. Maurizio was the last “txistulari” who lived as “txistularis” used to in the old days. Maurizio, master of the tradition. Present-day “txistularis” use new musical models.
X-002 A01 This recording is a continuation of X-001. Some books containing dances and melodies that Father Donostia left to the Baztan Council have been lost. José Telletxea and Antonio Elizalde argued about variations of some dances and melodies: Zozoarena, xoriarena, biligarroarena. Maurizio Elizalde wrote about a hundred scores of melodies. They are the same scores as Father Donostia’s. It would appear that they worked together.
X-002 A03 Maurizio Elizalde used to go round the villages teaching dances in the 40s and 50s. He also taught “txistu”. He went everywhere by foot at that time. Maurizio and Félix Huarte used to go to the villages to play in the “fiestas” and other celebrations: weddings, baptisms, inaugurations, first masses...
X-002 B04 Announcement of Maurizio Elizalde’s funeral.