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X-004d A01 This recording is a continuation of the last part of recording X-004c. The nuns of the Order of St. Clare in Arizkun. They are followers of Saint Francis of Assisi. The speaker is also a Franciscan. Juan Bautista Iturralde, Marquis of Murillo el Cuende, and his wife built the monastery. They were from Arizkun, but lived in the court in Madrid. The work finished in 1736. There are presently 30 nuns living there, most of them from Baztan. Prayer, fraternity, education, liturgy and work are the cornerstones of the nunsĺ lives. They make pillows. There is a house next to the monastery for those that do not belong to the community to stay in. The rules are not as strict as they used to be and the nuns can leave to visit the doctor, their families...