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N-031 A01 The way of life in the old days. All day working on the farm. They only had Sundays off. After mass, they used to play “pilota” and have a few drinks. In the afternoon, there was music in the streets or accordions. It was a hard lifestyle, but as there were no others, they were used to it. People did not complain because they had no means of comparison. People nowadays have more opportunities. Work on the farm may seem attractive, but it is hard and dirty work. The “fiestas” were pretty and they still are, but there are “fiestas” every weekend and people get around a lot. Bets: tug-o-war, stick throwing, sacks, pilota, axes. Times have changed. People are getting rid of a lot of cows and turning their farmhouses into country B&Bs. The family used to get together in the kitchen and after dinner, they all used to talk.