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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
SM-007b B06
SM-011 A02
EE-001a A01 robots
I-005 B02
IC-016a A03
IC-006b A02 He has had two fairly good horses. One of them was bought cheap and after a few years he sold it for a good price. They smuggled it over to France. Anyone who wanted a good horse would go to the fair in Aribe. He did some smuggling with livestock. One time the guards opened fire on them and took away some horses. One time, in bad weather, they took over some mules to France which had been bought in the fair at Estella. Later, they took them back to the fair in Estella to sell them again. The guards stopped him because he had no halter for one of the mules.
II-067b B12 youth - market - jobs:
II-067b B14 market - jobs:
II-067b B16 market - market:
II-006b B08 youth - dance - women: