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D-065 A01 song:
I-038 B15
SH-003 A18 song:
SM-011 A25
SN-007a A09 Christmas - religion: - religion:
SN-007a A08 religion:
SM-001b A04 religion: On the eve of San Juan a fire was lit with the hay blessed by San Juan the previous year. The people would jump over the fire and exclaim “ The Mayor out !” or “The Mange out !” or whatever. On the eve of San Juan they took water from the well.With the dew they would strip off from the waist up and they would roll in the grass. One kid was born “stunted” and they made a fissure in an oaktree. On the night of San Juan they brought him there to the tree. There were two Juans and they said three times: "Don Juan, karrak Juan, Viva San Juan" and sticking the kid through the fissure. Nowadays, that kid has six children.
IR-004 A02 beliefs
IR-004 A08
N-007 A03 They had to go to communion at least once a year. When they did so, the priest would give them a card and if they did not have a card the mothers would feel ashamed. Then the mothers would return the card to the priest along with a half dozen eggs.
N-007 A05 Sometimes the gangs of lads would go out for chestnuts and roast them in a pot and eat them.
SM-012b A04 At funerals the relatives of the dead person brought candles and bread to the church as offerings. Half way through the mass the priest received the bread. Whoever made the offering would share out the bread and everyone took a piece as they left the church. At the funeral celebration a great meal was prepared and many people would sit to it. They would tell their bees that someone in the house had died.