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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
D-001 A03 anecdote
I-001 B12 anecdote
I-018 A01 anecdote - miscellaneous
N-067 A06 anecdote
SR-009 A08 anecdote
SN-007b A02 anecdote
I-056 B07 anecdote
SM-005b A02 anecdote Trinidad wouldnĺt stand anybody who took Godĺs name in vain and she once interrupted two young lads who were angry and told them not to say those things. What happened next.
SC-002c A02 anecdote In December 1963 two nephews of his and the wife of one of them lost their lives. On coming back from the wedding of one of the nephews, a lorry went through a stop sign and of the three in the car only the girl was saved when they went under the lorry as she was lying down. In the car behind the newly-married couple were traveling with another couple and they crashed into the lorry so that the recently-married nephew also died. The girl was looked after by Juan Cruz and his wife took responsibility for the girl who had survived the accident.
II-064a A03 anecdote - hunting The accident in the Garazi area. A cousin dropped down dead.In his area there was also an accident. A man tripped up and the gun went off and injured him, although he did not die.(35:00") Nowadays you have to go up even higher to find any pidgeons.(38:44") Thanks.(39:30") Song.(43:15")Goodbye.
I-055 A01 She fell coming out of the church and she hurt herself in the head and in the ribs.
II-103b A05 hunting The accident that happened in Garazi. A man fell and killed himself.
SK-001a A01 anecdote Azkue falls into the river and a young man pulls him out. It was a cold day but not windy. The man felt like passing water and on drawing near to the river he fell in. The water which he swallowed then gave rise to an infection later which killed him.
II-056a A12 jobs:
II-089a A07 improviser of verses: Xalbador