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I-080 A08 anecdote
SC-002c A01 anecdote - murders A story of the winter of 1952. The shepherd, Intxauspe, was killed and they did not find the killers. The people believed that it had been his master because it was thought that he had something going with the masterĺs wife.Someone knew that one of his shepherds was carrying money in his pockets and robbed him, but they did nothing to him.The investigators tried to connect it with the first crime, and thus cover up that killer. In the end the crimes were not solved.
I-055 A08 anecdote On Holy Monday at midday in the Gerendiain residence there was a robbery.As the house was under repair, the back door was left open. The person took the corner elevator and went up to the second floor when the women were eating in the first floor and he entered the rooms.It seems to have been a man dressed as a priest. By that time he seems to have go three times, saying that he came from a poor place.Stories of thieves. There had also been thieves in Beruete. The gypsys had a name for robbing chickens.