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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
D-003 A09 religion: - religion:Lenten
D-007 A04
I-095b B08 bilboak
IR-006 A04 dance
IR-016 A12 school - religion:
IR-018 B07 song - festivals
IR-023f B04 festivals
PP-001 B07 house: names
PP-009 B07 house: names
I-046 B04 The musicians used to be from Estella or Lumbier. They played in the square. They were usually four or five musicians. One year there were two groups and they brought two different music bands.
SK-004a A01
II-078b A06 Then he did the psalms.After the Concilium the change in the readings, prayers etc. He had to do them in Basque so that from the moment he started he did not stop.How he did the music. Iratzeder would do the words and he had to put them to the music.The music rhythm that the Basques liked.
XH-009 A01 radio: A radio program where children are the presenters and they play the songs that are requested.
XH-009 B01 radio: A radio program where children are the presenters and they play the songs that are requested.
SD-009a A02 song When his “brothers” left Spain. He learnt music with them and how to play the chistu. After the war music bands were formed. He played the chistu with different bands. He has been to many places playing the chistu. His last trip was in 1958. Since then he only plays at home. In winter he teaches music to children. (09.08")Part of the chistu.(09.58") Song.(12.15") Song: "Uxo zuria".(13.20") Song: "Gazte gaztetik".
X-020a A02 Introduction to the musicians from the music group “Ttak”.Up to now they were a group of amateurs and that is why they did not make any recordings before now. The singer is new and that has also influenced the record they have made, as many of the songs are instrumentals.The name of the record is "Ttak-attak".They feel close to the ska movement. About this movement. Most groups from here do a mixture of styles. It has been said that there is a philosophy of ska, but there does not seem to be any concrete philosophy of life. The record finishes with an old song.They started up about five years ago. They have played a lot around San Sebastian. Not making records makes it difficult to expand. Although lately they have had more concerts it is difficult to agree among themselves about everything when there are nine people involved. After compiling the record they have received more calls and more offers to play in different types of places.The concert which the ska music groups gave with Lauren.
II-087a A07
II-087a A09 festivals:
II-060b B23 carnival:
II-057a A03 dance - music:
II-061a A14 dance
II-061a A16 Sanfermines - fairs:
II-061a A18 war - jobs: - game:
II-006b B11 dance