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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
D-033 A02 winter
I-002b B13
I-029 A04 miscellaneous
I-089 A03 grammar: Shade.North wind, south, the wind from the sun (east) and from the west.To clear up (weather), fog, cloud, lightening, a flash.Some damage that the weather has caused.
IC-015b A01 military service - miscellaneous It has been a hard winter.He did the military service in Zaragoza and Pamplona.
II-012c A01 agriculture - beliefs - moon: Introduction: The Moon and its influence.(02:20") Ember Days: The kind of weather during this period will be the kind of weather had during the following three months."Zotalegunak": The first twelve days of the year will be an anticipation of the weather over the next twelve months of the year.(08:05") The agricultural calendar depends on the lunar cycles. The harvest times depended on that and the sowed in the fourth phase of the new moon.It also had an influence on the livestock. Anecdotes. The time for cutting the wood also depended on the Moon. The wood for firewood was cut down as the moon was growing. Wood for furniture however, should be cut in the waning moon, as it will not get twisted when used.
N-066 A01 miscellaneous More and more there are less people attending mass. (02:00ö) The weather is very bad and the Springtime has been delayed. The way of life has changed a lot. Now, it is even difficult to find someone to pass the time of day with.Before, by the month of May cherries would be eaten.(05:30ö) About people in the village.(12:05ö) About the work in school: the recording, they have to gather twenty five kinds of vegetables, with the flower and all.