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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
I-032 A03 grammar: - fruit - jobs:
I-038 B07 pig killing - beliefs
I-071 A08 anecdote - plants - nutrition:
I-071 B04 grammar:
I-080 A07 grammar:
IC-015b A19 grammar: Cherry-tree, oak, beech and pine are the most common trees.Shrubwood, juniper boxwood.
I-092 A14 jobs: He was working in the mountain. During the first years they made little money but later they had some good jobs: oak tree, alder tree, poplar tree.
SD-009a A05 grammar: - animals Hare, Hedgehog, Mole, Mouse, bat, otter, jaybird, migratory bird, "opila" (beak?), Capercaillee, owl, kite, "musoka", falcon, kestrel, eagle, pheasant, swallow, sparrow, magpie, blackbird, heron, mallard, swan, woodcock, lizard, reptile, tortoise, frog, slug, bee, ant, butterfly, "liztazina"("txirriska"), eel, trout, salmon, tree, root, bark, branch, leaf, rotten tree, ômiuraö, forest, oak, holm-oak, beech, poplar, ash tree, cedar tree.