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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
I-019c B12
N-043 A8
N-043 A6
I-033b B2
I-042 A02 lifestyle
I-014 B03 water - wells - house:
I-026 A02 lifestyle
N-065 A05 miscellaneous
I-016b A03 anecdote - religion:
I-004 B12 miscellaneous - boys/girls
I-004 B08
EE-006a A01 money:
I-005 A04
I-056 A17
I-056 B04
I-056 B06
SM-001b A02 school Mezkiritz is a compact village. Txorrondo is one of the districts. She was born there. There was nobody to do the work of the schoolmaster and Mr. Manuel Lusarreta Erro, the village priest was her teacher during three years. There were fifty four children.
SM-006a A04 anecdote Fermin has not spoken Basque for forty years. However, Perpetua has always spoken to her husband in Basque.
SM-009 A01 miscellaneous He has had three children. Felipe, the youngest, is married and has a little girl.The name of the house is Adamenea.The oldest neighbors in the village.The village is supposed to have been founded by some nuns.Before, there was no fountain and a returned immigrant put one in. The water for the houses comes from Lastur.
SM-010a A13 In Abaurrea Baja they sow potatoes, wheat and barley.There are a lot of cows. Some houses have as many as sixty. And they donĺt sell milk, they breed calves.In Abaurrea Baja there are a few people, but they have a lot of money. Now there are only seven families, before more than tweenty. The problem is taht there are no women to marry.In Abaurrea Alta the situation is much better, there are not closed houses.
I-041 B01 miscellaneous The bread was made at home every eight days. Now few people live in the village and they are old. About some of the village people.
ATBO-001 A05 youth