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D-035 A03
D-035 A07
D-039 A03 lifestyle - anecdote
D-064 B04 America
IR-002b A01
IR-009 A07
PP-025 A01
PP-025 A10
PP-025 A11
PP-025 A12 anecdote
PP-025 A13
PP-025 A14
PP-025 A15
PP-025 A16
PP-025 A02
PP-025 A03
PP-025 A04
PP-025 A05
PP-025 A06
PP-025 A07
PP-025 A08
PP-025 A09
PP-025 B01
PP-025 B02
PP-025 B03
PP-025 B05
PP-025 B07
PP-025 B08
PP-025 B09
SM-002 A32
SN-001b B3
SN-001b B1
SN-001b B10 song:
SN-001a A6
SN-001a A3
SD-007a A01
II-022a A02
II-022a A04
II-022a A05
II-022a A06
II-022a A07
II-022a A01
II-150b A05
II-150b A04 song
SM-005a A06 song About the verses of “Antón and Maria”. (23.20") The song they were sung by their father to fall asleep. Another songs.
II-112a A02 Verses.
II-112a A04 In 1823 he was a soldier in San Sebastian. There were two brothers and they escaped to the other side, but another person informed on them. They were caught and they were punished for it and he received both his own and is brother’s share as his brother was weaker.
II-112a A05 (29.26") There are some verses about the frontier. Verse.(45.15") The Goodbye.
II-114b A01 Introduction.About the minstrel Bordel. But today they will be verses from Pudes, Larramendi and anonymous poets.The presentation and background to the verses of Pudes.
II-114b A02 Verses written by Larramendi.
II-114b A03 (16.37") Verses about the journey of Christopher Columbus to America.
II-114b A04 (30.27") "Heriotz krudela" (Cruel Death): Verses made by Bordel. A man returned from America got married to a young woman. This woman and two others killed him when he was milking the sheep.
II-114b A05 (43.00") Song: "Argia dela diozu" (You say that there is light) (45.00") Goodbye.
II-140a A02 improviser of verse The story of the Bordel house and the Bordel people, consequently a story about the minstrel, Bordel. Satrustegi collected verses of that minstrel in a book.(4.40”) Verses from Ecclesiastics, sung by Martikorena.
II-140a A03 (19.26") Ángel Aintziburu sings and presents the verses about the flight of Bordel and his brother when in the war.
II-140a A04 (34.30") The verses written by Juan Etxamendi, "heriotz krudela" (cruel death) : two men killed the husband, at the request of his wife.(43.40") Farewells.
II-111a A03 Verse. Written by Bordel and sung by Erramun Martikorena
II-111a A09 Verse. Written by Bordel.Farewells.
II-130b A06 carnival: During the day there was verse-singing and "asto-jokoa".(30.30") Verses. (38.50”) On the Tuesday of Carnival week they did the “maskak”. On the Monday the young men would go from house to house begging. On Tuesday they would do a funny sketch on the chores of the house.Since he was a little kid there has always been a custom of celebrating Carnival.
S-005b A05 Verses
S-004a A01 Verses
SC-004a A01 Verses
SC-004a A02 Verses composed by him in 1970 in honor of the minstrel Bordel.
SC-004a A03 The verses from Bordel called "Etxaundiko Kantiak".
SC-004b A01 The verses "Aldude mentako kantiak" made by Bordel in 1864.
SC-004b A05 Verses about the treasurer and councillor of Valcarlos.
SC-004b A06 song Another song from Bordel. "Gelariaren koplak".
SC-004b A07 song The Song "Bankako neskatoak".
SC-006a A01 song "Aldude mentako bertsoak": versos from Bordel in 1864.
SC-006a A02 song The verses "Ene izpirituan" (in my spirit) from Bordel.
SC-006a A03 song Song "Sortuz geroko hiltzia” from Bordel.
SC-006a A04 song Song "Luzaideko diruzain eta kontseilua" (treasurer and councillor from Luzaide) from Bordel.
SC-006a A05 song Song "Napoleon hirugarrenari" from Bordel.
SC-006a A06 song Song "Oroit gaiten guziok" (let us all remember), from Bordel.
II-108a A04 Verses from Marcel Errotabere sung by Erramun Martikorena.
II-108a A08 song Verses from Otsobi sung by Erramun Martikorena.(42:08")Goodbye.
II-069b A02 song Verses.(34:25")An old song about the war.(40:15") Goodbye.
SC-006b A01 song Gelariaren koplak, written by Bordel to a young woman who wanted to laugh at him.
SC-006b A02 song Etxaundiko kantiak, by Bordel.
SC-006b A03 song Bankako neskatoen kantia, (a song of the young girls from Banka) by Bordel.
SC-006b A04 song Montevideoko zahar baten arrangurak (the laments of an old man from Montevideo).
SC-006b A05 song Argentinako letxero eta ostalerrak (milkmaids and maid servants from Argentina).
SC-006b A09 song A Song made by him about the unification of the Basque.Goddbye.
SC-008a A01 song The verses "Luzaideko gazteria" (the youth of Luzaide) by Bordel.
SC-008a A02 Luzaidar bat kantuz (one from Luzaide singing).A verse from March 1964 , in answer to a letter.
SC-008A A03 Ospitaleko bizitza (hospital life), to P.D. Etxamendi.
SC-008a A04 Bordelen segida (following Bordel). In defense of the verses that Bordel made.
SC-008a A05 song - Basque language Euskaldun batek Kaliforniatik (A Basque-speaker from California), November of 1967. About the unification of the Basque country.Goodbye.
SC-008b A01 Bestako bertsoak (verses of a fiesta), by Bordel.
SC-008b A02 Ene lehengusu zenari (to him who was my cousin) in eight verses.
SC-008b A03 Sortuz geroz guziek, (everyone after being born) verse from Bordel.
SC-008b A04 song Oroit gaiten guziok (let us all remember), from Bordel.
SC-008b A05 song Ene andre ona (my good wife), made by her husband.
SC-009a A01 song Verses: "Agur Angel ilobari" (Greetings to my nephew, Angel).
SC-009a A02 song Verse: "Artzainaren partitzea" (the Shepherd’s march).
SC-009a A03 Verses made to Satrustegi in 1977.
SC-009a A04 Verses: "Juan P. Irozen hiltzea" (the death of Juan P. Iroz).
SC-009a A05 Verses: "Agur Xalbadorri".
SC-010a A01 song What happened to Bordel when he was a soldier in 1863.
SC-010a A02 song “Heriotze krudel bat" (a cruel death), it took place in Arnegi prepared by the father and the daughter for her husband.
SC-010b A01 song Barberain kantiak (the song of the medical barber).
SC-010b A02 song Lehenengo Gerrate Karlisten kantiak (Song of the first Carlist War) (1832-1839), from 1838 by Bordel.
SC-010b A03 song “Bigarren Gerrate Karlisten kantiak" (Song of the second Carlist War (1872-1876).
SC-011a A01 song Euskarari mintzo naiz Kaliforniatik (I talk to the Basque country from California ), a verse made in February, 1975.
SC-011a A02 song Esposen kantiak (song of the wedded couple), made in 1975 when Juan Bautista Arrosagarai y Maria Socorro Eginoa got married.
SC-011a A03 song A verse of appreciation to Don Miguel Sagaseta for the book of danzas-iauziz (dances) which he made.
7031 A01 The fourth day of fiestas of Santiago in Luzaide. It is a session of verses, greetings, giving them the papers, giving them the rhyme…Goodbye.
S-001b A01 Verses sung in the square of Luzaide: giving them the themes, giving them the rhymes… Goodbyes.
S-001b A02 Verses from Xalbador in the Basque Fiesta in Aranatz: the poor person begging from the rice one. The rich person invites him to dinner.
S-002b A01 Verses in the square in Luzaide. Greetings, giving them the theme,giving them the rhythm... Goodbye.
S-003a A01 Verses: giving them the themes, the rhymes…
II-095a A01 song Introduction. Verses from Xalbador about the widow, sung by Joxe Premun.
II-095a A02 song verses about some Basque soldiers.
II-095a A03 song (11:20") Verses about two famous handball players from Aldude.
II-095a A04 (16:00") Verses.
II-095a A05 song (23:48") Verses.
II-095a A06 song (31:25")Song: "Antton eta Maria".
II-095a A07 song (38:00") Verses.(45:40") Goodbye.
II-147b A03 song Song.
S-003b A01 Verses.
II-147b A06 song (12:45")Introduction. He had met Larramendi. (14:38") "Hamar mandamenduak" (the ten commandments), a verse from Larramendi.
II-147b A07 song (23:27") Mattin and Xalbador speaking to the rector in the fiestas of Arnegi.Verses from Xalbador.
II-147b A08 song (31:40") Verses written by Manex himself in 1943. Verses written when he was a prisoner in Miranda. "Mirandako bertsoak" (verses from Miranda).
II-147b A09 song Erramun Martikorena sings verses from Jean Bardier de Garazi.(46:38") Goodbye.
II-147b A04 In Uztaritze there was a versolari (traditional singer) but he was not among the best.(08:35") Verses.
S-004b A02 Verses.
S-005a A01 Verses
SC-005b A01 song Verses to he who was Pedro Iroz Etxamendi.
SC-005b A02 song Xmas Greetings of the year 1973
SC-005b A03 song Verses made on Xmas Day.
SC-005b A04 Verses: "Bazko zaharrez Chinon" (In China on the second Sunday of Advent).
SC-005b A05 song Verses which he made when they got married in Turlock in 1974, Baptiste Etxepare y Cristine Barlot: "Esposen kantiak" (song of the wedded couple).
SC-005b A06 song Verses "Gure mintzaira" (our tongue), made in 1973.
SC-009b A01 Verses made in April, 1974.
SC-009b A02 song Zazpi urtez ene bizian hiru partetan (seven years of my life in three parts), made in 1978.
SC-009b A03 Verses made in 1976 in appreciation to Don Miguel Sagaseta.
SC-009b A04 song Verses made in 1975, when his nephew Bautista and Maria Socorro got married in Roncesvalles.Goodbye
II-129a A02 song (08:40") Verses "Euskara ikasi" (learn Basque ) sung by Erramun Martikorena.
II-129a A03 song (16:15") the speech of the euskaltzaina who took part in the campaign"Bai euskarari"twenty years before.(17:33") Verses sung by Gaston Erramuspe.
II-129a A04 song (25:28") Verses sung by Antton Mossost.
II-129a A05 song (30:12") Verses sung by Erramun Martikorena.
II-129a A06 (34:24") Verses.
II-129a A07 (36:45") Verses.
II-129a A08 Verses. (44:30") Goodbye.
II-129a A01 song Introduction.The people who met for the Deiador meeting in favor of the Basque language. (03:25") In order to teach Basque the verses of Xalbador "Herria eta hizkuntza" (A People and a Language).
II-086b A04 song (36:35") Verses.(40:17")How he learnt those verses.(44:35") Goodbye.
II-086b A02 song (20:25") Verses from the great War of 1914.(28:18") These verses turned up in the village seven or eight years after the War.
II-086b A03 song (30:25") Verses: "Hamar mandamenduak" (The ten commandments).(34:58") How he learnt the verses.
II-103b A07 song Verses from Xalbador about hunting sung by Gaston Erramuzpe.
II-116a A04 Wedding verses.
II-146a A04 He also made some verses for the Pope’s visit because when he arrived to Spain he kissed the ground but when he came to the Baque Country he didn’t do the same.He writes about things that affect him. To try to express things as they really are.(19:00”) The Pope’s verses were sung by Manex himself.(22:50”) How he made the Loyola verses. He sings the verses written in 1992.(26:35”) He made the Miranda verses in August 1943. How he got pen and pencil.There is nothing like misery to get people to stir themselves.(30:42”) Miranda’s verses sung by Manex himself.(36:05”) He has always been writing more or less. He was a subscriber to “Enbata” and sent off verses.Much less abandon his ideals, he has had them reinforced. The sentiment about Euskal Herria is something inate. (43:54") Goodbye.
II-132b A02 carnival: There used to be a "libertimenduak" where the people would sing verses. Some of those verses: a conversation between boys and girls.(23:38") In Eiheralarre they also had "libertimenduak" during six or seven years.On the suits they would have some real gold on them: white shirts, pretty neckties, ribbons on the back, white trousers with spats…About the “zapurrak”, the giants and other elements.
II-132b A03 anecdote CAS: When Larramendi was called a rogue he responded. Some anecdotes.(34:47") Verses from Larramendi, sung by Anjel Aintziburu.(40:23") Goodbye.
II-142b A02 Verses "Gure artzain etxolari" from Xalbador, sung by Erramun Martikorena.
II-142b A04 Verses
II-142b A06 Verses.(44:25")Goodbye.
II-145a A04 Verses.
SC-003a A01 Greetings to Jose Maria Satrustegui (singing).