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X-011a A11 They are very grateful to the Arkupe Association. They organize and prepare everything. They became members as soon as they retired.Felipe is the president of the Association.He got the idea when he was in the Ubarmin hospital where he was operated on his hip. The people there treated him very well and so he felt he should do something for others too. He started off with Manterola, Pablo and a man from Urroz. Nowadays there are about two thousand six hundred members.The beginnings were tough but now they are the first in Navarra.
X-011a A12 miscellaneous Margarita walks seven kilometers every morning. Then she does the housework and they live a quiet life.AgustÝn has a vegetable plot and he goes over there a lot and takes strolls.(74:00") Arkupe has no dealings with the Town Halls. Half of their premises was paid by the Government of Navarra and the other half was paid by themselves.Goodbyes and thanks.