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D-037 A05 lifestyle
IR-003 A01
IR-016 A09
II-088a A05 wedding He got married in 1946 with a girl from Makea. He was thirty-seven and she was twenty-seven. His wife was the youngest of three sisters. Her mother had died a year before they got married. The wedding took place in church in the morning and then there was a meal at home. There was no music because the war had just ended and the priest did not think it was right to have music. But in the area there was a Spanish family and the son played the accordion so they went off to look for him and he played for them.The next day they went to Bayonne and visited a spinster who had retired to Donapaleu.(42:05") They had six children but the eldest died at nine months. Afterwards they had four girls and a boy. The first two were born at home, the others in Bayonne. There was a midwife who helped in the houses. (44:35")Goodbye.
II-017b B04
II-017b B09
II-018a A03 war - jobs:
II-018a A06 war - jobs:
II-018a A08 war - jobs:
II-018a A10 jobs: