pig killing [18 results]

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D-002 A01
D-003 A07 charcuterie - nutrition: - nutrition:
D-041 A01 charcuterie
D-057 A17
D-068 A01
I-001 A14
I-018 A08
I-037 B13 miscellaneous
I-038 B07 beliefs - tree
M-005 A04
N-052 A02
SR-009 A11
I-043 A07
I-036 A09 nutrition:
I-024 A05 nutrition:
I-023a A06
I-041 A02 They used to kill the pig, there was nobody from outside. They would kill the pig and drain the blood and then burn the pig with ferns. Then they would clean it with a bit of slate and with hot water and they would take out the guts. They shared out the pieces.They no longer kill the pig.
N-010 A02 When the sow gave birth, they set two piglets aside for fattening. They fed the pigs on potatoes and corn. They slaughtered one of these pigs at Christmas, to eat in the winter. There did not used to be fish. To kill a pig, you have to stab the knife in its neck. One woman used to collect the blood and another stirred it to prevent it from clotting. Other women prepared onions and leeks, and boiled eggs. After cleaning and cutting the pig up, they made blood sausages. The whole family got together and they had a big meal. They gave ôpresentesö (gifts of the food produced) to the important people in the village: the priest, the schoolmaster, the village clerk...