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I-001 A17 anecdote
I-066a A8
I-066b A05 anecdote - locality:
SC-002c A01 anecdote - theft A story of the winter of 1952. The shepherd, Intxauspe, was killed and they did not find the killers. The people believed that it had been his master because it was thought that he had something going with the masterĺs wife.Someone knew that one of his shepherds was carrying money in his pockets and robbed him, but they did nothing to him.The investigators tried to connect it with the first crime, and thus cover up that killer. In the end the crimes were not solved.
X-004b A02 They have assassinated Juan Gerardi, bishop of Guatemala. They had a 36-year civil war in that country. More than a million people died there. The bishop created a human rights office and a movement in the diocese to not forget what happened during the civil war. He collected accounts from 55,000 people. He was killed two days after presenting the report with the results of the research. The report explained that 90% of the cases of violence were perpetrated by the army.