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IR-005 B03 travel:
IR-012 B01 retired
I-053 A07 Nicaragua
SM-009 A03 anecdote - America To go to America they went by train to France to get the boat there. They were ten days in the boat. The first four days they did not leave their cabin because of the bad weather. In America he went to New York as that was the place to get the papers and permissions for the trains. Some of them were Basque Speakers. He went to Utah. He was there for a couple of years . He came back by train, passing through Chicago and Washington and he did the whole journey alone as there was nobody else on the train.In New York he got off the train and meet a Spanish agent. He took the tramline with that person and went to a Spanish hotel. There he met three Frenchmen. They had to wait for five days for the boat to sail. They were twelve days on the boat until they arrived in Cadiz. From there they went to Barcelona and from there to Pamplona by train.
X-011a A01 retired On the 5th of April the pensioners will go to “Montecillo”, a place where there are some bullpens. They will visit the Ribera area in the south and there will be a meal and a dance. Three hundred and fifty people are going.The time of departure and the organization of the coaches.(05:10") Some pensioners are in Las Palmas at present. They will return tomorrow.(06:10") They are preparing the trip to Benidorm at the moment. There are eighty places. The pensioners like Benidorm very much. They organize two trips there every year. (08:25") They still do the physical excercises. They will go to the Anaitasuna gym in Pamplona to do excercises. There will be an exhibition on show and they will eat in El Toro restaurant.The next trip planned is a one day excursion to Lourdes. (10:40") Benidrorm is very quiet and relaxing and they like the beach. Some people had never been until they retired. About the hotel and the food.They go on one-day excursions but they prefer to spend more time at one place as it is more relaxing.(14:40") They organize card games of “Mus”.
X-005a A02 miscellaneous - disabled people A holiday schedule for the incapacitated. They have different choices: Italy, Paris and Benidorm. They can go alone or with a helper. It is the same coordinator who organizes it.The social security has organized the holiday program for the pensioners. The Government of Navarra, however, organizes the stay in the spas.The application process for places has changed for the trips with the social security. (22:50") News.
IC-012 A04 grammar:
IC-001 A11 She has been to Madrid, San Sebastián, Pamplona and Alicante visiting her daughter who is a nun.
IC-003c A06 There are a lot of slopes in San Sebastian. South of Esparza there are no Basque speakers. Many years ago there was an offer made to go off to America. But he didn’t go and now he would like to go to see all that. Not long ago he was in Valencia and in Benidorm. The family of the researcher. The solar time. There are not many animals now as there are too many hunters. The words"ongi" y "ondo". In Jaurrieta there are no Basque speakers left under the age of fifty. The words "asko" and "anitx".
IC-006b A04 They have just come back from a trip to Galicia and Portugal. They were in Santiago, La Coruña, Pontevedra... The Fair in Santiago is huge. They saw thousands of head of livestock.