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I-048 A01 grammar: Names of different places. Place-names, fields, woods...Cultivated land, land for hay, plots, meadow.Names of potholes and pathways.
I-048 A03 How Urataka is and was.The “Bentazar” house has now disappeared.The House of the Valley.Laurentxi y Sanduzelai.Zikilon, Mekola, Larrarte, Arrio, Ziloka, Aiztondo, Alorxabal, Aldapeta, Ezpelkerrenka.
I-089 A11 grammar: - pump Pathway, shortcut, junction.Field “The traveller”.The fountain of Erro: there they found bombs and they carried them to the blacksmith. He broke them and they threw the pieces to the fire. When they were yellow, they boiled the milk with them. In this way the milk had a better taste.
SK-006b A01 The presentation day of the place-names of Pamplona. As a way of approaching the subject he first did work on the surroundings and later in the city. The work consisted above all on checking archives. There are some four hundred and fifty names. In the Middle Ages eighty percent of the place-names were Basque. As the centuries passed, the number decreased. There are also place-names which were not known. Some were misinterpreted, even in a etymological way. It is a very slippery area and it is necessary to do the work with great prudence. It is necessary to have, above all, linguist and etymological experience. The Town Hall refused to help and did not even attend the presentation. In the book it can be seen that Pamplona was quite Basque up until the Civil War.